Attention Bourbon Lovers!!! New Single Barrel Selections!

New Sherlock’s Single Barrel Selections!


We’ve sampled, tested, and hand-selected only the best barrels of each of these fine single barrel whiskies in order to provide the most flavorful and unique offerings. We’re proud to welcome three new arrivals to our Single Barrel Selections: Woodford Double Oak, Cody Road, and Jefferson Ocean!

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked – Sherlock’s Single Barrel Edition


This is the second barrel we’ve selected of the Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, and it’s as big and oaky as ever! If you or someone you know is a fan of oak, this whisky will hit the spot! Bottled and 90.4 proof, it’s smooth with plenty of backbone. This is a must-try for Woodford Reserve fans!

Only $57.99

Cody Road Barrel Proof – Sherlock’s Single Barrel Edition


Cody Road Barrel Proof Bourbon hails from Le Claire Iowa, birthplace of Buffalo Bill Cody. This is a fine wheated bourbon made from locally grown grains and aged in small 30 gallon new charred oak barrels. Bottled at a generous 105 proof, it’s as big as the legend whose name it bears. A bit on the sweeter side with lots of oak and spice, this is a great sipping whiskey with plenty of backbone.

Only $39.99

Jefferson’s Ocean – Sherlock’s Single Barrel Edition


Our barrel of Jefferson’s Ocean has completed its voyage and is now bottled and ready to be enjoyed! This one of a kind whisky is fully matured then placed on a ship and set on its way, crossing the equator 4 times and visiting 30 different ports in 5 continents. The constant motion of the ship adds more oak contact and the salty air adds a briny, caramel character to the whiskey. Jefferson’s Ocean is a truly unique experience and a wonderful addition to any bourbon collection!

Only $74.99

These fine whiskies are all in very limited supply, so stop in today to grab a bottle of your own!

The Whiskies of the World Exhibition is this weekend at the Fox Theatre! We hope to see you there!