Defy the Rules with Scofflaw Brewing!

Scofflaw Brewing Company

Atlanta, Georgia

Scofflaw (n.) Term coined during prohibitionist times to cast violators of prohibition laws  in a light of shame; a lawless drinker; a person who flouts rules, conventions, or accepted practices.

Scofflaw Brewing Co. is the brainchild of owner Matt Shirah, who enlisted the help of brewmaster and co-founder Travis Herman. Matt walked away from his role as a corporate turnaround executive to follow his passion. Similarly, Travis left behind a career in the pharmaceutical development industry to attend brewing school at the University of California and has brewed for some of the country’s best known craft brewers, including The Lost Abbey and Russian River Brewing Company. Matt and Travis have dedicated themselves to qualifying southern craft beer. After two years of intense R&D, Scofflaw is now operating in northwest Atlanta’s Bolton neighborhood.


Scofflaw Basement IPA

Developed in Scofflaw’s original underground basement brewery, this beer pours a deep persimmon with a fluffy khaki foam. The only dank aroma coming from this basement is one of earthy tones, juicy citrus and a hint of lemongrass, all derived from citra hops. Basement IPA is balanced with a nice malty body that creates a sweet finish and developed hop notes in every sip.  7.5% ABV

93 Points – RateBeer

Only $11.48


Scofflaw Double Jeopardy Double IPA

This complex IPA pours a hazy golden orange hue with a fluffy stark white foam that dissipates to leaving behind moderate lacing as proof for the crime of an empty glass. The aroma floods the senses with bright citrus and new world tropical hop notes. Double Jeopardy has a malty bite up front followed by a resinous hoppy middle, then finishes with a lingering bittersweet boozy tingle. 10%ABV

92 Points – RateBeer

Only $11.48