Labor Day Cocktail Starters!

Labor Day Cocktail Starters


Start your Labor Day weekend off right with some of our favorite cocktail starters!

Mark One Vodka


Vodka is the foundation for countless mixed drinks, so choosing one from the sea of options is often a challenging endeavor. However, Mark One Vodka is an easy choice for anyone looking for a spirit that over delivers for the price. Mark One is a premium American vodka, distilled 5 times from corn and filtered through charcoal. The charcoal filtering gives the vodka a pure, crisp flavor and smooth body. Being distilled from corn, Mark One is naturally gluten free. Try a bottle and see why Mark One is the best vodka you’ve never heard of! 

“Look for a faint sweetness, chased by grapefruit peel, vanilla and pink peppercorn notes. Smooth, light feel. Excellent value.”

92 Points & Best Buy – Wine Enthusiast

Only $15.99 (1.75L)

New Amsterdam Peach Vodka


Make your Labor Day weekend peachy with New Amsterdam Peach Vodka! This premium vodka is infused with natural peach flavors and distilled five times to deliver a clean, fresh taste. Mix it up in your favorite cocktail or try the recipe below for a delicious summer sipper!

New Amsterdam Peach Sunrise:

*2.5oz New Amsterdam Peach Vodka

*4 oz Orange Juice

*1 oz Pineapple Juice

Shake ingredients together in a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Strain into a martini glass and serve or strain into a classic highball glass filled with ice cubes and serve.

Only $18.99 (1.75L)

Bacardi Tangerine


New Flavor!

Bacardi Rum celebrates 20 years of flavored rums with the release of their newest flavor, Bacardi Tangerine. This rum is infused with fresh tangerine to create a tangy, fresh taste. Mix with orange juice, cranberry juice, soda, or coconut water for ultimate refreshment! 

Only $11.99 (750ml)