New Liquor Arrivals!!!



If so, you are in luck. New items continue to arrive in our liquor department each week. Here are the new items which have just arrived: 

New Amsterdam Peach & Red Berry Vodkas – 750ml – $11.99


Berry Flavored Vodka

While the flavored vodka category continues to expand by the minute with frosting & gummy bears, the best ones are keeping it simple. New Amsterdam Peach & Red Berry Vodkas give you an amazing amount of flavor at a great price. Try them on the rocks or with your favorite mixers. 

Troy & Sons Platinum American Moonshine – 750ml – $27.99

American Moonshine Whiskey

The only distillery in the world producing spirits made with Crooked Creek Corn, an open-pollinated heirloom white corn, and pure Appalachian spring water. The Oak Reserve, mellowed in Bourbon barrels adds nuances of caramel and sweet white oak, is also available in 750ml for $32.99


Remix Cocktails – 750ml – $14.99

Pauly D Cocktails

Pauly D isn’t only mixing music these days! These exciting new cocktails are Pauly’s version of cocktails to get your pre-game and after game parties started. Available in 4 unique flavors: Oye Mojito, Yeah Yum Berry, Strawberry Holla Peno and Starfruit.

 Other New Arrivals

Evan Williams Apple Orchard  – 750ml – $10.99

Virgil Kaine Bourbon and Ginger – Liter – $24.99

Breckenridge Bitters – 750ml – $29.99

Clontarf Irish Whiskey – 1.75L – $29.99

Label 5 Scotch – 1.75L – $24.99


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